Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Strike You with My Four Winds Style Flurry of Posts!

Lots of posts recently from me in part because I've gotten the next script I'm going to send out to the point where I'm ready to spam people with it, and just finished the first draft of the script I'm going to spam people with next. After a first draft I like to give a screnplay at least a week or two to cool off, so I'll be spending that time outlining my June/July spam.

The Written Test posts were interesting for me since they helped me identify some writers that I didn't know I liked.

Elsewhere on the planet, Dan has acquired his dream job, at least for a time -- surfing, lefty lawyering, and probably the most vegetarian friendly town on the planet outside of India.

J'aime is now Doctor Wells, and thus eligible to dispense exposition on time travel and aliens in any number of science fiction films. I think this raises her RPG group to about 4 PhDs -- that's gotta be rough on the gamemaster.

I've also put together a little index of previous posts that I'll maintain a permanent link to off at the right. I'll maybe update it every three months or so, but getting the first batch out of the way really helps.

Finally, I'm back to Los Angeles this Thursday -- staying through until March 6.

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Jaime_sama said...

It'll be four PhDs when Gary defends in April.

The party does have a noticeable tendency to over-think plans. And talk a lot.