Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Butt > The Environment

In decision theory one can extract one's preference ranking via a series of pair-wise comparisons. For example I prefer Round Table Pizza to McDonald's French Fries and McDonald's French Fries to their hamburgers, thus the pizza goes on top and the burgers at the bottom.

So, by observing my own behavior, I can see the relative importance I assign things.

For example, I tried using 7th Generation toilet paper because I'd like the world to be safe for people to poop on for at least the next 7 generations -- however, that's some raspy stuff to be rubbing my poor, tender butt with. Seriously. It's like those wood-chip infested paper towels you got in grade school as World War II surplus or something. I have since gone back to the gentle puffy quilting of Cottonelle.

However, the environment is more important to me than clean dishes -- as indicated by my willingness to put up with the miserable sudsing power of ECOVER dishwashing soap.

Probably not surprising since I'm a guy and still haven't grown out of my college student phase.