Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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LAST UPDATED: July 22, 2006

A relatively complete list of previous posts, broken down by category. Post are listed from most recent at the top of the category, to older at the bottom.

Note that if you leave a comment on an older post, it won't appear on my recent comments list (and thus neither I nor anyone else might notice it), so you might want to just drop in a mention and a pointer to the appropriate page on the most recent post.


Learning By Seeing What Others Do Wrong
Second Drafts Are For Structure
The Scary Business of Saying "No"
How Writing is Like Being a Wizard in Dungeons & Dragons
Bad Writers, Good Stories
Writing Novels
Ten Verbs
Written Test, Part Three
Written Test, Part Two
Written Test, Part One
The Liberty of Low Budget Horror
Endurance Horror
There's No "I" in Comedy
Tests and Training Scenes
One Page Post
Notes From Wilderness: Querying
Dire Unsolicited Query Letter
Notes From Wilderness: Getting Notes
Notes From Wilderness
Don't Be Boring
How to Tell the Amateur Production Companies
How Screenwriting Is Like Magic: the Gathering
Assignment Pitch
Humans: Too "On the Nose"?
Character Polish
Game Theory: WGA Writing Credits
The "Screenplay by" credit guidelines
Screenwriting Links
Writing is Rewriting
The Silence?
Triple Post (1 of 3): The Movie
It's a Wonder That Movies Get Made At All
Director's Comments
On Collaborating
Screenwriting Update


Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Horror
Bryan Singer Teaches a Class on Doing Sequels Right
The (I Suspect) Sad Saga of Snakes on a Plane
The Tom Cruise Beat Down
Toxic Memes
Where Are All the Action Stars?
Tricksy Star Wars
Based on True Bullshit
Grizzly Man
Help Find A Cure For Hyperactive Camera Disorder
Red-Eye: Quick Note
Red-Eye: The Posters
Bad Film Week 2 -- Bigger, Badder, Bleah...
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Werewolf Films
Enron and Mom
Bad Film Week


Comics, Hamster Poop, and Art
The Immigration Debate: Where Reason Goes to Die
3rd Edition Nation, 1st Edition Rules
Is Lou Dobbs a Parody?
An Ugly Road to Mideast Peace?
Special Interests
Praying Does Not Count as Planning
Archive Index
The Cartoon Controversy
Speaking of Utilitarianism...
The Brutality Calculus
A Victory for Intelligent Education?
The End of a Genre
Canada Beware
As The Crow Flies
Math Problem
Honk If You Oppose Genocide
The Homeland Security Market
Game Theory: Criminal Recidivism
Hoping Michael Jackson is Innocent
"error in judgement" + "appearance of"
Triple Post (2 of 3): Fair and Balanced
Do Bats Eat Cats?


Stross on Gygax, VR, and World Domination
RPG Geekdom
Book Prices in Dungeons & Dragons
750 Things Mr. Welch Can No Longer Do in a RPG
Dire Unsolicited Query Letter
Game Theory: Football Excitement
Blizzard for Congress!
City of Heroes Update
Triple Post (3 of 3): Online Gaming


The Wisdom of Spam
Personally, I Wouldn't Last To The Check Out Line
The Renegade Province Reloaded
Too Foo-Foo
The Renegade Province
Age is a Lens
In the Future Even the Commercials Will Have Commercials
My Butt > The Environment
Writer's Worries
About this Katrina Report... ooh! Shiny!
The Internet Reveals the Depths of the Human Psyche
The Law Dude
Cock Sucking Kills
Byte: The Ragged Cat
Congrats to Expo 4 Finalists
My Exploding Computer
Fixing Your DVD Player When It Starts Locking Up
The Road to Utopia Smells of Cow
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Why I Hate Television
Paths Less Travelled
The Gaolers of Paradise
Rednecks, Peacocks, and Zen Priests
Finding Your Niche
Jaru's College Cartoon
Dairy Products
Four Pickups
MCI Supports Child Porn?!?!?
Why Does Anyone Live Outside L.A.?
Bats and Cats -- First Post of Blog


What Falls Out Your Behind?
The Secret to Productivity
My Favorite Book Cover
This Just About Pisses Me Off
The Golden Age of Geek TV
Hell Freezes Over
Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.
Truth in Advertising Must Suck
The Future is Now
Visited States
Pause Reaches 1 Year Mark
Jon Stewart, the new Johnny Carson?
Academic Hell Week
Strange Mirrors
Context Is Everything
Expo 4
My Relationship with TV Enters a New Phase
Cheers, Dan!
Bad Motherfucker
The Endless Summer
Young Hotshots and Old Bastards
No Bleepin' Way
I Reap the Benefits of Arcane Copy Protection Rules
Linkage Update
Los Angeles
Vistors, Invaders, and Poachers
Houston Glamour Shots
Pimping the Gmail
San Antonio Improves!


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