Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Operation Hitman

Sunday night I got a chance to see ScriptWeaver Richard Dane Scott's short film, Operation Hitman: Sacrificial Pets, on the big screen -- while drinking beer! I like this new kind of theater -- if I'm going to spend $4 for a beverage it might as well be Bass Ale.

Richard, the director, and the actors did a great job on this and the film easily walked away with the prize -- you can see it for yourself here.


ScriptWeaver said...

So I'm a little late visiting... it's been busy in a good way!

But thanks for the kudos and of course, attending the festival. The support of your peers is priceless!

And I wasn't specific on my blog, but remember the older lady that sponsored the festival? The same one with all those "sub-par" shorts? Well... I got a call at 8:15 the following morning, 10 hours after the victory, and received the following news: she wanted to direct my next short (which I had already submitted).

Needless to say, that would've only happened over my dead body.

Steve Peterson said...

Some of those shorts were...

But it's great that you're directing one for yourself next! If you need some grunt PA labor and I'm around I'd love to help.

writergurl said...

Hmmm, them theaters ain't "new" in Hotlanta. I been going to'em fer years!

Steve Peterson said...

Thanks for dropping by, Writergurl.

Atlanta's the big city though! We're just small town here -- we even only have one brand of supermarket.