Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Is Lou Dobbs a Parody?

Continuing from this recent bit of oddness, just now Lou Dobbs opened his program with a special report on The War on the Middle Class --

-- this time focusing on how the increase in gas prices is one of the fronts in this war.

The segment opens with a reporter (Louise Schiavone, see towards the top of this transcript) in the field interviewing an average American casualty of this war on the middle class. This guy was in the process of receiving his Purple Heart at a gas station, where the price per gallon was about $3 --

-- which meant he had to pay $47 to fill the tank on his awfully new looking Cadillac.

I'm serious. The producers actually chose a 30-something looking guy paying $47 to fill up what was at most a 2-year-old Cadillac as their example of the cost of this war.

They even included a snazzy graphic telling the viewers that the guy spent $47. Honestly, The Colbert Report could just run that clip straight.

One might suspect that a segment focusing on a guy who, due to the roughly 10% gas price increase, has to sacrifice an extra $20 to $40 out of his $8,000+ monthly salary, was actually produced by OPEC.

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