Thursday, April 27, 2006

Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.

When interest started trickling in on THE SOUND, it was spread out over a few weeks. Nonetheless it was three option offers, albeit from small places. That kind of scenario is ideal of course, but I had no means of fully exploiting it since I suck at negotiation. What benefit I did gain was the ability to be more indecisive and drag my feet about things -- to which people would react by offering me a little more.

One of the terrific fringe benefits of working with the producers on THE SOUND is that they hooked me up with a great entertainment attorney (Gordon Firemark) who'd do the work on what little commission I could generate.

To paraphrase another action film, an attorney... is like a warm blanket.

An option offer came in on one of my recent bits of darkness and, despite the smallness of the project, Gordon went right to work looking over the contract, making sure to look out for things that I wouldn't even realize had to be looked out for, and taking over the haggling.

To make things even better, now a second company is going to make an option offer. This company is a little bit larger (but, at the small level I'm working at, almost anyone can have solid enough connections to get a movie like this financed) and one can only benefit from having alternatives.

But, what inspired using the quote in the title was when I realized that this time around I'd have someone on my team who had the ability to make the most of this situation -- and that made me feel like John McClane.


Jaime_sama said...

Great news, Steve!

ScriptWeaver said...

Which one?!!!!

Coma Ward? Tumorous?

YOU are my new hero!

(I'm a little late, I know!)

Steve Peterson said...

Thanks Richard!

It was Coma Ward. I suspect the dirt-cheapness helped.

The first company that got back to me actually requested it after seeing it listed on InkTip. I've only had 5 read requests via InkTip, but one of them resulted in this -- so now I'll have to re-evaluate them.

ScriptWeaver said...


My one "semi-major" success came off of InkTip too. So... there's much to be said about them.

Grubber said...

That's great news, Steve. Have you got anywhere with Tyrant High?

Steve Peterson said...

Thanks Dave. I still haven't re-sent Tyrant High School since I'd like to get some more editing in on that one.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Congrats!!!! Keep us posted!