Monday, April 10, 2006

Writing Novels

A friend from grad school, Sarah, is currently going through the trials of getting her novels published, and she's discussing how that's working out in her blog.

It occurred to me that some people visiting here might be trying out fiction writing, or considering doing so in the future. If so, I think you'll find reading her blog informative since she's discussing the process as she goes along.

Sarah's near the epicenter of U.S. publishing in New York, so she blogs often about literary agents, editors, and the needs of book publishers, as well as writing seminars and genre writers' conventions -- all very informative if you're looking to take a stab at novel writing.

She recently bemoaned the rule of no simultaneous submissions to editors -- which always annoyed the bejeezus out of me. Though, given the quality of my first novel, that rule probably shielded me from receiving a mass of embarassingly vehement rejection letters.

Anyway, she also points out that, in general, the no simulataneous submissions rule does not apply to literary agents -- very useful to remember!

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