Friday, April 07, 2006

Ten Verbs

Richard at Scriptweaver tagged me with Brett's First Ten Verbs meme and I figured I'd get this posted fast and tag the others before I've got no-one left to tag.

What are the first ten verbs in whatever project you are now or were most recently writing?

Also, I'm not horribly embarassed by my list. I'd like to point out that this whole using-verbs-in-sentences thing is as optional as the clothing at our house. Sometimes I'll go 4 or 5 lines before I've got a subject or verb going there.

This is from my most recent one, TUMOROUS:

  1. belches
  2. slicks
  3. strews
  4. press
  5. smoke
  6. winds
  7. marches
  8. hums
  9. pass
  10. glints

As you might guess, it starts in New Jersey (sorry folks back east!). But hey, at least New Jersey inspires active voice and employs a wider spectrum of language.

I'll tag Konrad, Dave, and reward Scott for posting here for the first time, assuming there's a website where he posts and won't feel too goofy answering the meme.

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M. Scott Eiland said...

Good timing: I just posted a chapter in my latest fanfic epic, Harry Potter and the Exiled Slayer:


That's from Chapter One--if the mandate of the meme is interptreted as "the latest installment of whatever you're writing," the list is:


I'll post this at my Yahoo site.