Monday, April 17, 2006

Too Foo-Foo

In this article a woman called Paige Ferrari criticizes Gwyneth Paltrow for being too foo-foo.

No. I'm afraid that if you had the misfortune to be named Paige Ferrari by your parents and didn't change it, or somehow managed to get the judge to stop laughing long enough to choose the name for yourself, you don't have the right to criticize anyone or anything. Ever.


dan said...

now THAT'S an ad hominem argument

in 'paige's' defense, i think it's a jokey pseudonym specifically chosen for the article

Steve Peterson said...

Even worse, I've been awfully ranty lately about the way ad hominem arguments seem to no longer be a fallacy, but a commonly accepted debate practice.

In my defense, can you ad hominem a fictional character or a fictional argument?

Grubber said...

My daughters middle name is Paige.

Duelling pistols at twenty paces? :)

Steve Peterson said...

Damn Australians have a Paige fetish!

Now I want to include a scene in my next script with a girl named Paige standing at a bar, drinking a Fosters, and mooning over that manly Jeff Corwin on the TV. ;>

Grubber said...

For authenticity, drop the Fosters, we only export that crap :)

ellie said...

i am personally friends with ms ferrari--i think its the best name ever, what are you talking about?? (and its real)

Steve Peterson said...

I should have foreseen this -- make a comment and end up offending all of Australia and an unknown number of random Ferrari supports.

How come no-one comes out to defend Hydroderm (TM), the Botox Alternative?? Are they so undeserving of love?

I should point out though that Mootopia was not so unloved -- an employee at a Mootopia plant dropped by to defend their milk-like product.